What you need to know about The Burnettwork

Business background

The Burnettwork is a joint venture of The Ludovico Technique and Brand Central Station, the companies owned by Burnettwork co-founders, Robert Meyer Burnett and Mike Bawden. RMB oversees the production of content for the YouTube channel and website, while Mike oversees the business aspects of the venture, manages the website and social media and secures sponsorships.

All financial transactions for The Burnettwork (i.e. membership payments, sponsorship arrangements, endorsements, etc.) are handled through Brand Central Station. 

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Robservations and other programs on The Burnettwork

The Burnettwork is a YouTube destination that features a variety of channels and shows. Rob’s personal observations on what he calls “the Geek Singularity” are shared in his Robservations video blogs – free-flowing, streaming conversations with fans about everything from toys to comics to movies and television. Rob brings an interesting perspective to the world of genre enteraintment that’s definitely “big picture” stuff.  You can click here to check out Robservations for yourself.

In addition to Robservations, the Burnettwork features other content covering a variety of topics and entertainment genre:

  • Deconstructing AXANAR – for 3-1/2 years, Rob worked on the premier Star Trek fan film production which eventually resulted in a lawsuit with CBS and Paramount and re-defined the relationship between the studios and die-hard Star Trek fandom.
  • Talkin’ Trek – Rob presents his extensive collection of interviews, videos, photos and more as part of the Burnettwork’s “Talkin’ Trek” series.
  • Free Enterprise – on The Burnettwork gives you an opportunity to learn more about that project, the work that went into it and plans for a future that may, or may not, ever arrive for our fearless trio of Mark, Robert and Bill.
  • The John Campea Show – John Campea, a Canadian film director, author, film critic and video blogger is the former editor-in-chief of AMC Movie News. In January of 2018, RMB joined Campea as a regular co-host of the streaming podcast.
  • The Weekly Hero – Join celebrated director-author-film critic and video blogger John Campea, and co-host, writer-producer-director, Robert Meyer Burnett as they do their weekly breakdown of the biggest comics and sci-fi/fantasy news.
  • Crisis Medicine – Mike Shertz, MD, a board-certified Emergency Physician trains students to quickly identify and treat immediately life-threatening injuries. Much of that training is provided via online video produced and directed by RMB.

Other shows and channels will be launched in future months.

About RMB

Robert Meyer Burnett is a successful writer-producer-director whose worked in Hollywood for the past thirty years. Interested in learning more about Rob? Click here.

Who The Heck Is Gilbert?

Gilbert is Rob’s faithful companion and co-star (of sorts). When presented with a tempting box or bag that needs to be destroyed, he quite literally doesn’t give a darn about anything Rob has to say or whether or not he’s in mid podcast (hahaha). Gilbert (and his arch nemesis, SkippyJon Jones) are not only Rob and Elysabeth’s pets, they’re characters in an upcoming online game called (of all things) “Space Rob.”

Stay tuned for details.

You can check out our Gilbert (the Gilbarian) tribute page here.