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The Imagination Connoisseur known as “Throgg Buscemi Calabrese” (a.k.a. Patrick Throgg) shares his enthusiasm for George A. Romero’s work and especially the “DEAD” movies he made.

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George Romero was always to me like a crazy old Grampa, specifically like the one in Joel Schumachers “The Lost Boys.”

Through indie directors Don Coscarelli, John Carpenter, and Sam Raimi especially, I discovered other titles with “Dead” in the title. As a child the thoughts of being devoured by loved ones, or doing the devouring myself, intrigued me.  I devoured Night, and Dawn before Day.

I have watched on some of the most used tapes at what was a Mom and Pop Video store that later became a Blockbuster Video. Loved the “drive-in” section, and the “Horror”. I miss being able to interact with people at video stores. Especially now that people are becoming knowledge about film, or even flatscreen and projector home theatres.

I miss those weekly or daily trips. Glad my oldest was able to experience that before Blockbuster went out of business.

I’m going to join the chorus of thanks today.

Elysabeth and you have provided Sara and I a weekly show or two, a chance to unwind together and laugh.

Robservations is a godsend. It allows me to get my inner geek out. I’m glad you, with this community and staff are around. I’ve made friends with some of the nicest people like Richard, Claude, and even you. I know when I can get a Robservations in, 8 to 15 year old me comes out .

Thank you

– Throgg