Welcome to the Gallery of the Imagination Connoiseurs

Members of the Post-Geek Singularity often take an active role in bringing their love of their favorite franchise to life. And we’re pleased to have the opportunity to share our fans, friends and followers work with the world.

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“Nerd Pics” with Jason

More fun in our fan gallery.

Imagination Connoisseur (and self-professed nerd), Jason McKibbin, sent in some fun snaps with celebs and his son (who appears to be a true Legomaniac).

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Marvel Zombies and more

Imagination Connoisseur, Jeffry Chang, provides a peek at some cool comic book and sci-fi stuff with the rest of the Post-Geek Singularity via our gallery.

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General Blackblood costume update

As a follow up to his earlier gallery submission, Bunyon passes along this new photo of his costume in progress (according to B.S. it’s 90% done … and that’s no B.S.).

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A great library for an Imagination Connoisseur

Fellow Imagination Connoisseur, Edward Brock, is a self-described, lifelong fan of fantasy, horror and sci-fi, he says he firmly believes that Ray Harryhausen helped him survive his childhood. Check out these pics of his amazing library.

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My Honda VFR1200

Motorcycle-riding Imagination Connoisseur, Dani Lane, shows off her smooth ride and explains why the kids think she may actually be Capt. America’s grandma!

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General Blackblood mask

Who’s behind this awesome Blackblood Mask? None other than fellow Imagination Connoisseur Bunyon Snipe, that’s who. Read more about it here …

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Dangerous Visions Album Cover

Another entry into the Imagination Connoisseurs’ Gallery, Marc Coté shares his story about his sci-fi-inspired album project: “Dangerous Visions.”

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Flash and Aquaman Tattoos

The first entry into our new “Imagination Connoisseurs’ Gallery” are from Dale Mayotte of Roseville, MI (USA) as he flies his Post-Geek Singularity flag high with a couple of boss tats.

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