Letters to the Burnettwork Bullpen

Back in the day, it was as much fun to read the Marvel Comics Bullpen (letters to Marvel’s creators and Editor-In-Chief, Stan Lee) as it was to read the action and adventure happening in each issue. We’ve decided to pay homage to that tradition and share some of the great letters and comments we receive at The Burnettwork on a daily basis. Bullpen editor, Mike Bawden, provides intros (and occassionally comments) on letters provided by our fellow Imagination Connoisseurs.

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(Please note: Not every letter will be published or read during a stream and many of the submissions will be edited for clarity and readability.)

Remembering the “Bad Old Days” of STAR WARS.

OG Imagination Connoisseur, Paul in Long Beach, makes a case in defense of LucasFilms president Kathleen Kennedy by reminding us of the dismal state the STAR WARS franchise was in following ROTJ and the prequel trilogy. Can you say: “Caravan of Courage”?

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Should art from another age be censored?

Imagination Connoisseur, Chris Wriglesworth, provides an insightful breakdown of SONG OF THE SOUTH, a Disney movie that is no longer available to the general public, and asks if we aren’t missing a “teachable moment” as a result.

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Connecting Columbine and THE PHANTOM MENACE.

Kyle Arking, a fellow member of the Post-Geek Singularity, shares his thoughts on being born in 1999 and how that year seems to provide an interesting bridge between the past and the present by explaining how he sees a connection between that year’s tragic shooting in Columbine, CO and STAR WARS EPISODE 1: THE PHANTOM MENACE.

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Troy Williams is back again, this time with his review of the second movie in The Matrix franchise: THE MATRIX: RELOADED – proving that no movie is truly bulletproof.

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A positive take on DARK PHOENIX

Not everybody hated Fox’s latest X-Men film, DARK PHOENIX. Fellow Imagination Connoisseur, Sean Petrusha, found the movie “engaging.” Read his take here …

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In search of LaserDiscs …

Imagination Connoisseur, Chris Wriglesworth, loves physical media – not just DVDs or Blu-Rays, but the “unicorn” of physical media: The LaserDisc. Check out his story.

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The problems with DARK PHOENIX.

PGS member, Dan Vacura, shares his perspective on where the wheels came off on Fox’s latest X-Men film, DARK PHOENIX. (Spoilers included in review)

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Movies bring back special memories for this geek …

For fellow geek, Anthony DeRiso, certain movies hold a special place in his heart, not because of their stories or characters but because he shared them with his mother who passed away nine years ago. Anthony shares his reminiscences with RMB and fellow Imagination Connoisseurs.

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Our favorite Fox …

Mason and Dave from Ottawa write in to ask about our favorite Michael J. Fox role (in honor of his birthday on June 9). Chime in on the post to let us know …

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