Engage with The Burnettwork

The world of media has changed. We’ve recognized that fact – which is why we’ve worked to make The Burnettwork a vehicle for promoting a new kind of online community: one that encourages interaction with fans and embraces fan creativity.

We are constantly striving to find new ways to widen our circle of friends and encourage them to participate in the creative conversations we have (almost) daily during the Robservations live stream. Those opportunities include:

•  Sending in your letters for our team to review and share online during RMB’s podcast, Robservations. (You can also mail stuff to our producer, if you’d rather.)

•  Participating in live chats during the Robservations podcasts and other streams Rob may broadcast from time-to-time on The Burnettwork YouTube Channel.

•  Sharing examples of your latest artistic project(s) that celebrate the genre franchises you love or shows off your own creative endeavor in our Imagination Connoisseurs’ Gallery.

•  Sending in your “three-word review” of a movie or TV episode/series you have a “definitive opinion” about.

•  Joining and supporting The Burnettwork and taking in the exclusive content made and preserved for your entertainment.

Please join in on the fun. Create with us. Everyone is welcome (provided they treat others with respect and courtesy).