Imagination Connoisseur, Shawn Carson, attempts to make the empirical case for buying physical media rather than paying for monthly streaming services.

You do the math and let us know what you think in the comments section, below …

Greetings Rob!

I am a relatively new comer to your channel & was brought here by your co-hosting gig on The John Campea Show (John’s great even if I disagree with a lot of his takes on movies, & TV shows but none more so than the one this email is about)


With the recent news that The Office would be leaving Netflix for NBC’s streaming service & Friends would also be leaving for TimeWarner’s streaming service I feel that this so called war has never been more prevalent in the pop culture discussion. As of today (7/9/19) the complete series DVD set of The Office is currently listed on-sale on Amazon at $54.99 (roughly 5 months of Netflix) & the complete series blu ray set of Friends is currently listed at $94.78 (about 10 months of Netflix) which for a blu ray set of 10 seasons isn’t bad at all.

Now don’t you think it would make tons of sense for the people who are in an uproar of these two aforementioned shows to just buy these sets? It would save them money in the long run, no?

I myself am a blu-ray collector (my collection currently sits at a combination of 324 films & TV show seasons) & am admittedly worried about the boasted forecast of the death of physical media.

If you need an example as to why physical media is important look no further than ‘The Long Night’ episode of Game of Thrones. Endless complaints about not being able to see anything all stems from compression & bandwidth issues on the streaming side of things!!! The issues with that episode have led me to refrain from re-watching the series until Season 8 is released on 4K this Christmas.


Also, since we are past the halfway mark of 2019, what’s your movie Top 5 look like so far? Here’s mine:

1 – US
2 – Midsommar
3 – John Wick Chapter 3
4 – Rocketman
5 – Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Have a great one Robert!
Keep up the great work!