Imagination Connoisseur, Lynne Hobday, ponders the true meaning of “success” and reflects on the challenges she’s had during her journey through life.

Dear Rob,

Hello there. I hope you are well. I have been working on a show – to be performed on August 24th – and although I listen to your videos practically every day, I haven’t really had the energy or time to write. Even though I thought everyone meeting in London to see James Bond 2020 was an incredibly exciting prospect, even though I am happy to have worked out how to use Pay Pal to become a proper member of the Burnettwork, even though I think Timothy Dalton is the best Bond, and even though I squealed very loudly when the name of Hammer Horror and THE DEVIL RIDES OUT  was mentioned. (My parents wouldn’t let me watch SPITTING IMAGE but I was given access to Hammer Horror – just an average English upbringing really. Satanism is okay but political satire isn’t.)

Well, I’ve had my ups and downs – as usual – as we all do. But I had to write in to say how moved I was to hear the support for Willow Wang. “Nice” is a word that deserves more exposure.

Regarding the “downs.” I’ve fallen victim to someone’s “shady” business methods. And although, according to my lawyer, he is “legally” within his rights, it’s all pretty flaky. (In fact I called him out on something in the contract and after several pages of excuses he decided to “take my side of the argument” because the business methods of our respective industries are so different. He’d created the contract in the first place and I was only quoting what he’d written – endorsed by my lawyer. Anyway, we live and learn, right? Not working with this “dude” again.)

Which brings me round to another reason I’m writing this letter. I fell asleep in front of the computer last night, only to wake up to a February video where you were discussing Star Trek licensing and the fact that Bad Robot wanted to get rid of any previous (“and still sought”) merchandise and that they were within their rights to do so – including the soundtracks. I have been listening to many Star Trek soundtracks recently. In fact another dirty “N” word springs to mind. “Nobility.” The original Roddenberry Star Trek principle was always lofty and noble and the soundtracks reflect that. I remember writing a whole thesis about it and handing it in to a Buddhist leader (I’m a Buddhist by the way). Unfortunately, the current custodians of Star Trek seem to have thrown that out of the window. Just because business allows you to rewrite something that is near close to “sacred” to some of us, it doesn’t mean that anyone has the right to deny us from “the greatness that has come before.” Profitable and worthy don’t always come as a set – in business or in art.

And you know what? I think the true spirit of Star Trek lives within us daily – irrespective of the current state of the franchise. It’ s part of who we are – whether we’re Trekkies or Trekkers or casual fans.

In your shows I feel the benevolence and hope for the future that mirrors Gene Roddenberry’s ideals. Thank you for creating a “pleasant” corner of the Internet where “niceness” and “nobility” can run amok and we can all speak freely. You could say this is the Federation of Imagination Connoisseurs – because the “powers that be” can’t strip that away from us.

Not much of a letter – but I was just pondering the true meaning of “success.” Congratulations on approaching your 200th program and just to let you know, as a humble token of my appreciation, there is a little something from the “one and only official Godzilla shop” winging its way to your Post Box (that’s a clue by the way.) Anyway, thank you and everyone here for their intelligence, tolerance, humor and compassion!

Lots of love

– LynneH.
(Singer/songwriter/lyricist from Japan who is either mildly successful or one knock away from poverty’s door. All in the name of Art!!)