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Imagination Connoisseur, Stephen Goggins, thinks he may have found a pattern in the ending of many of James Cameron’s movies that tells him the director may have a formula for wrapping up his action/adventure films.

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Dear Rob and listeners,

I have been just re watching some James Cameron movies again and I noticed something a recurring theme mainly a number of his movies have the same sort of ending in them:

  • In Terminator 2, The Terminator robot dies by going into an abyss of fire.
  • In Aliens 2 The Alien dies in the void of space.
  • In Titanic Leonardo Dicaprio dies in the deep sea.
  • In The Abyss Ed Harris goes into the Abyss but he comes back out of the Abyss.
  • In Solaris George Clooney goes into the AI Abyss.
  • In Alita Battle Angel the male character who dies twice first as a human then as a cyborg dies from falling from a great height.

What is it that James Cameron is trying to tell us about the Abyss is it a variation on the symbolism in the hero’s Journey? Just thinking aloud after watching Alita Battle Angel and I thought oh how many times can you have the same sort of ending in different movies done by the same director?

PS – Two other interesting movies I have watched: The Platform and Mortal Engines. Do not watch any trailers. Just jump in and watch them.

Till next letter.

Live Long And Prosper,

Stephen Goggin
the Irishman in Somerset.