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Does DC even need a cinematic universe? Imagination Connoisseur, Omar 94, writes in to say “no” – not as long as there’s an animated universe that does a fine job competing the MCU as it is. So what should DC do?

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Hi Rob,

It seems Wonder Woman 1984 is sticking to its December release date in theaters, for the time being, as well as being on HBO Max. With the film constantly being delayed, it started giving me time to think about the DCEU movies.

While I enjoyed the first Wonder Woman, Man Of Steel, Aquaman, and Shazam, I have come to a realization during the times Wonder Woman 1984 was constantly being delayed.

I know DC is trying to catch up to Marvel, in terms of a shared universe, and I will still see the DC movies to see what they are like, but I would be okay if DC did not make movies based on their characters.

The reason is because I feel DC already has its shared universe to compete against Marvel. It’s called the DCAU, or DC Animated Universe, which was run by people like Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Alan Burnett and others, and it was done even before the MCU started.

Even though, I loved the first 2 Superman movies, which Richard Donner made, I consider the best adaptation of DC comics characters and stories to be the DC Animated Universe, with shows starting from Batman: The Animated Series and ending with Justice League Unlimited.

More later …

– Omar