Imagination Connoisseur, James M. has a question or two about the comic book featuring the cast of Star Trek and the X-Men.

Hi Rob,

From time to time, you have talked about comic books on your show. So, when I recently learned of a comic book that I had never heard of, I knew just who to ask.

That’s right, you and The Post-Geek Singularity.

The comic book is a Star Trek crossover with the X-Men. I haven’t had the opportunity to look into it yet, but I have a few questions about it. Do you know of this comic book? Is it good? And are there more crossovers between Star Trek and the X-Men than just this one?

– James M.

P.S. shoutout/big thanks to JB Bonifacio, Brad Brandt and David Harding for answering a comic book question I asked on the Facebook page.

Editor’s Note: If you’re interested in learning more about Star Trek/X-Men crossovers, check out this article – it’s a great place to start.  – Mike

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