Imagination Connoisseur, Jason DeWolf, recalls a time as a child when his movie memories seemed to overtake his reality for a moment – with hilarious results (or, at least everyone else seemed to think so).

Hey Rob and all,

I recently had a humorous recollection of being scared out of my wits while watching an unlikely movie to do so, SUMMER SCHOOL (1987), back when I was 12. A friend and I had rented the movie one night when I stayed over at his place and we didn’t get around to watching it until late at night, during a bad thunderstorm.

For anyone who is not familiar with the movie, there are two funny students in the movie that love horror movies and effects, and specifically TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, which they eventually get played in class for the other students to see.

Well… while a scene from the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE was playing within the movie and the storm was raging on outside, lightening stuck, the hydro went out, the room became absolutely dark, and this old air condition’s fan starred making this loud DECKA-DECKA-DECKA-DECKA sound! This was a little too close in sound to a chainsaw for that particular moment, and I remember terror flashed over me and my friend called out for his dad with abject fear in voice.

His dad awoke, came down stairs and was like what’s the big deal. haha.

BTW, fun movie with an excellent mock-horror prank scene and effects in there.

Are there any real-life moments that interposed into your movie watching that caused an elevated the experience?

– Jay Canada