Imagination Connoisseur, Sam O’Neill, is a fit guy – but he wonders if the superheroes we enjoy on screen are setting an unobtainable example when it comes to how we fans should look.

Greetings Rob and all the PGS crew.

Not sure if you remember but my last letter was about how and why is there toxic fandom (about 2 months ago).

Anyway, I’ve has this thought in my head for a while a while and just didn’t know how to put it into words until Erin slightly brought it up on John’s show on Friday.

I’m a 23 year-old electrician from Australia and I’ve always been just slightly fitter than your average Joe. You definitely can’t tell my geek fandom for all Marvel, Star Wars and DC movies by looking at me. Iron man kicked off my love for comic book movies (I was 12 when it came out and I’ve loved all comic book movies ever since).

Seeing Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavil and all the other actors that got into serious shape made me want to get into superhero shape a few years back. I’m by no means there yet but I’m well on my way, I’ve also noticed a lot more people (men and women) doing the same.

It got me thinking: do you think these movies set an unrealistic body image that men (I can only speak for myself I’m sure women feel it as well) try to live up to – with the wide, thick back and showing, boulder shoulders and so on. As Erin said on Friday, you’re either Chris Pratt-dad-bod or Chris Pratt-ripped – there’s no in between.

Thank you and have a better day!

Ps listening to you and John over the past year has made me venture out and watch movies that I would never really watch because they just don’t look like my type of movies, so I thank you both for that.

– Sam O.