PRELUDE TO AXANAR’s director speaks

Christian Gossett, director, PRELUDE TO AXANAR – seen here holding his first GEEKIE award for directing the “Geekiest Fan Film of 2015.”

The director of the Star Trek fan-film project, PRELUDE TO AXANAR, Christian Gosset, describes what it was like to work on the project and with the actors (many of whom were alumni of the Star Trek series). Gosset eventually left the Axanar project after a falling out with the producer and raising questions with regard to management of the over-all production.

Robert Meyer Burnett was later selected to direct the feature film. Production work on the feature was halted when CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures filed a suit against Axanar Productions and its CEO for copyright infringement. Burnett eventually left the project and Axanar Productions re-located from Los Angeles to the greater Atlanta area where it is currently working on two, 15-minute short films based on the Axanar storyline. Those films are expected to comply with the terms of a settlement agreed to between Axanar Productions, CBS and Paramount.

A release date for the two short films has not been announced.

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According to Rob, there is still more footage to share from his tenure as the director of the failed feature project. Current plans are for him to continue providing looks behind the scenes as part of the on-going, “Deconstructing AXANAR” series on The Burnettwork.

Stay tuned …

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