Imagination Connoisseur, Dylan Moore, has just finished a 12-issue comic called “Combat Fairies” and they’re set to storm the PGS Gallery with their adorable fairy charm and large caliber weapons.

About Dylan:

I’m a long time movie and comic book geek living in Vancouver, Canada.   Been doing freelance animation and illustration since highschool and I now teach Animation, comics and storyboarding at Vancouver Film School. 

What might be my first love though is storytelling in its various forms and I spend hours creating stuff while listening to podcasts and youtube videos(how I discovered Rob).  Combat Fairies is my latest passion project and fans of all things geeky will probably recognize a mashup of influences through out its pages.

Dylan Story:

Hey Robert!

I used to listen/watch you and Jon on Heroes all the time. Only just recently discovered your own show on YouTube thanks to the STAR WARS: DUEL OF THE FATES script. Not sure how I missed your channel but I’ll be watching more now for sure.

I’m an indie creator myself and I recently finished a 12 part comic called “Combat Fairies.” The first 7 issues are currently available on Comixology but I wanted to send you this pdf of the first 4 issues. No pressure to read it but if you do I hope you like it. I’m planning a volume 2 and 3 for the near future as well.

– Dylan M.