Talkin’ Trek

When it comes to Star Trek, writer-producer-director, Robert Meyer Burnett is a recognized expert. Regular participant on SDCC’s Starship Smackdown, frequent guest on The Inglorious Treksperts podcasts and writer-producer of all of the “Behind The Scenes” features on the Star Trek:The Next Generation Blu-Rays and select features for the Enterprise Blu-Ray set, Rob presents his extensive collection of interviews, videos, photos and more as part of the Burnettwork’s “Talkin’ Trek” series.

A Tribute to Herman Zimmerman

A tribute video created by Robert Meyer Burnett celebrating the work of famed production designer Herman Zimmerman on the occasion of his 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Art Directors’ Guild. (A BURNETTWORK EXCLUSIVE)

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RMB on Midnight’s Edge

On February 18, 2019, RMB joined the cast of Midnight’s Edge to discuss the state of Star Trek and the differences between the Star Trek multiverse and the canon established by the original series. Here are highlights from that conversation …

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Star Trek out of darkness.

Writer-producer-director, Robert Meyer Burnett, takes a closer look at today’s announcement that access Michelle Yeoh has been tapped to lead a new Star Trek series set in the “Discovery” universe and available on the CBS streaming service.

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“The state of Star Trek.”

You know it’s going to be a good Robservations episode when writer-producer-director, Robert Meyer Burnett, opens the show by explaining what kind of beer he’s going to drink while he opines on the state of Star Trek. So sit back and pop a cold one with RMB as he begins an epic, 40+ minute rant on the current state of his favorite sci-fi franchise.

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RMB on TNG Blu-Ray releases (2013)

Back in 2013, writer-producer-director, Robert Meyer Burnett was interviewed by TrekCore’s Adam Walker about the new bonus features on the Star Trek: The Next Generation’s re-mastered Blu-Ray releases.

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RMB on HD re-masters for DS9 and VOY (2017)

Writer-producer-director, Robert Meyer Burnett was interviewed by TrekNews’ Brian Wilkins about the work he did as the producer and editor of the bonus features found on the ST:TNG and ST:ENT Blu-Ray sets as well as the prospects for Blu-Rays of ST:DS9 and ST:VOY.

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