Past programs

The great thing about the Internet is that no program has to fade into oblivion once we stop creating content for it. What you’ll find on this page are links to all of the various programs not currently “in production” at The Burnettwork.

Some of these may be revived. Some may not. Nonetheless, if you’re a paying member to The Burnettwork, you’re able to access all of it.




Programs include:

For the Love of Cosplay features various pieces produced for The Burnettwork featuring Imagination Connoisseurs from all walks of life, living in “the moment” and celebrating their existence in the happy place we refer to as the “Post-Geek Singularity.” 

Free Enterprise on The Burnettwork gives you an opportunity to learn more about that project, the work that went into it and plans for a future that may, or may not, ever arrive for our fearless trio of Mark, Robert and Bill.

The Weekly Hero – Join celebrated director-author-film critic and video blogger John Campea, and co-host, writer-producer-director Robert Meyer Burnett as they do their weekly breakdown of the biggest comics and sci-fi/fantasy news.

Deconstructing AXANAR – for 3-1/2 years, Rob worked on the premier Star Trek fan film production which eventually resulted in a lawsuit with CBS and Paramount and re-defined the relationship between the studios and die-hard Star Trek fandom.

The John Campea Show – John Campea, a Canadian film director, author, film critic and video blogger is the former editor-in-chief of AMC Movie News. In January of 2018, writer-producer-director Robert Meyer Burnett joined Campea as a regular co-host of the streaming podcast.

Ripped with Rob -is an irreverant look at the world of entertainment with writer-director-producer, Robert Meyer Burnett (and his faithful companion, Gilbert). RMB and Gilbert enjoy a “little this and that” as they take on the world with a wisdom only alcohol can bring.

Living the Lucky Tiger Life Writer-producer-director, Robert Meyer Burnett, launches a new podcast called LIVING THE LUCKY TIGER LIFE – a show that’s meant to help guys look and feel great. 

Crisis Medicine – Mike Shertz, MD, is a board-certified Emergency Physician practicing in one of the busiest emergency departments in Oregon. His company, CRISIS MEDICINE, trains students to quickly identify and treat immediately life-threatening injuries during a high-risk environment and avoid unnecessary loss of life. Much of that training is provided via online video.

Space Rob – SpaceRob™ is an action-adventure RPG that follows Rob and Gilber the Gilbarian (from the Planet Gilbaar, of course) as they explore the cosmos. Using his vast knowledge of earthly pop culture, Rob hopes to spread the positivity of Geek fandom while having a laugh.