Crisis Medicine

Mike Shertz, MD, is a board-certified Emergency Physician practicing in one of the busiest emergency departments in Oregon. His company, CRISIS MEDICINE, trains students to quickly identify and treat immediately life-threatening injuries during a high-risk environment and avoid unnecessary loss of life. Much of that training is provided via online video. Writer-director, Robert Meyer Burnett produced much of the video content currently used by Dr. Shertz and his team.

Intro to Crisis Medicine

There’s no substitute for experience. A physician can teach you the science behind medical care in a bad situation. A Special Operations Medic can teach you what really works in a bad situation. Dr. Michael Shertz explains why there’s no substitute for experience when it comes to delivering life-saving care under fire.

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All Lessons Are Written In Blood

In an expansion of the TECC/TCCC guidelines for First Care Providers/All Combatants training offered by CRISIS MEDICINE, Dr. Mike Shertz explains why he says “All lessons are written in blood” when it comes to providing life-saving care under fire.

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Tactical Casualty Care Trailer

This trailer for the TACTICAL CASUALTY CARE Online Lecture Series from Crisis Medicine introduces a 7-hour course that deals with the Care Under Fire – Direct Threat phase of an event.

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Victim Transport Using Non-Rigid Litters

This on-location footage shows CRISIS MEDICINE’S Dr. Mike Sherz explaining the difference between rigid and non-rigid litters and demonstrating a variety of non-rigid products that can be used on the site of a mass casualty event.

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Improvised Pant Leg Tourniquet

If no commercially available tourniquet is available, a successful tourniquet can be made using the casualty’s own clothing. In this video, CRISIS MEDICINE’S Dr. Mike Shertz demonstrates this technique on an adult.

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