What You’ll Find On The Burnettwork

This website offers writer-producer-director Robert Meyer Burnett’s unique take on genre media (e.g. science fiction, fantasy, horror, and the rest), updates on his projects, stories about his adventures in filmmaking and first-looks at projects produced by his friends and collaborators.



Programs include:

Robservations – an on-going video blog and online discussion with fans of genre entertainment, hosted by Rob. The conversations are lively and engaging. Check out our previous episodes to get a taste of what you can expect.

Free Enterprise on The Burnettwork gives you an opportunity to learn more about that project, the work that went into it and plans for a future that may, or may not, ever arrive for our fearless trio of Mark, Robert and Bill.

The Weekly Hero – Join celebrated director-author-film critic and video blogger John Campea, and co-host, writer-producer-director Robert Meyer Burnett as they do their weekly breakdown of the biggest comics and sci-fi/fantasy news.

Deconstructing AXANAR – for 3-1/2 years, Rob worked on the premier Star Trek fan film production which eventually resulted in a lawsuit with CBS and Paramount and re-defined the relationship between the studios and die-hard Star Trek fandom.

The John Campea Show – John Campea, a Canadian film director, author, film critic and video blogger is the former editor-in-chief of AMC Movie News. In January of 2018, writer-producer-director Robert Meyer Burnett joined Campea as a regular co-host of the streaming podcast.

Talkin’ Trek – Rob presents his extensive collection of interviews, videos, photos and more as part of the Burnettwork’s “Talkin’ Trek” series.

Crisis Medicine – Mike Shertz, MD, is a board-certified Emergency Physician practicing in one of the busiest emergency departments in Oregon. His company, CRISIS MEDICINE, trains students to quickly identify and treat immediately life-threatening injuries during a high-risk environment and avoid unnecessary loss of life. Much of that training is provided via online video.

Other shows and channels will be launched in future months.