ROBSERVATIONS host, Robert Meyer Burnett, discusses the revelation that Marvel is in development on a fourth Captain America film that picks up after the end of the first season of “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and follows the new Cap, Sam Wilson, on a cinematic adventure. Rob also deep dives into a discussion about artificial intelligence and new rules governing the use of AI in the EU.  Uh oh.

Plus letters from fellow Imagination Connoisseurs, a call to Rob’s mom in Seattle, a live chat with Imagination Connoissuers Julian and Orey and questions from viewers in the livestream chat on this episode of ROBSERVATIONS.

Episode Segments:

00:00:00 Signing-on
00:01:29 Rob on the For All Mankind (2019) Season 2 Finale
00:05:41 Captain America 4 in Development with TFATWS’s Malcolm Spellman
00:11:55 Regulating New Technologies
00:23:06 Letters
00:25:17 Rob’s Mom Live on Robservations!
00:35:03 Letters (cont’d)
00:45:18 Fan Live-chat with Julian and Orey!
01:07:15 Super-chats (with Julian and Orey)
02:02:28 Signing-off

Articles Covered:

‘Captain America 4’ In Development With ‘Falcon And The Winter Soldier’ EP Malcolm Spellman Writingby Anthony D’Alessandro, Justin Kroll
(00:08:33 – 00:11:14)

Europe Proposes Strict Rules for Artificial Intelligence – by Adam Satariano
(00:11:55 – 00:19:17)

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