Imagination Connoisseur, Anthony Choice, wants to know what RMB (a former script reader, himself) thinks of the policy STAR TREK used to have in the 1990s of accepting unsolicited manuscripts for consideration.

Hey Rob,

I won’t wax poetic and pontificate. I have a direct question I just wanted to hear your thoughts on.

In the 90s, Star Trek was renowned in fan and writer circles for its open unsolicited script policy. As you were a former Script Reader, today why is such a thing so rare in Hollywood, let alone why has it been abandoned by so many even in the comic book industry, when brilliance has time and time again been found in spec scripts and unsolicited material?

What, if anything, has changed in the terrain of Hollywood or the industry more broadly that has made this a thing of yesteryear, and how do you feel about these types of submissions?

Thanks for answering, I’m positive many a prospective writer and creative will appreciate your commentary as well.

– Anthony C.

P.S. Here’s a link to an article well worth re-reading and discussing, in this post-Discovery Era:

P.P.S. An entire episode on Alan Moore, his originals and adaptations in retrospective would be great! Also, there is the fact that he has more than one novel, and one of his major projects over the last decade has been the production of multiple short films.