Everybody loves Willow

A frequent contributor to the conversation on ROBSERVATIONS, Willow Yang’s thought-provoking letters have been a highlight of the show over the years Willow mixes astute observation with a scientific mind and wicket sense of humor to make every letter and blog post worth reading.

UFP Economics … what kind of system is this, anyway?

So, what kind of economy exists in the 24th Century? Blogger Willow Yang takes a closer look at Star Trek’s depiction of an advanced economy and arrives at some interesting conclusions.

Justice for Tuvix

Justice for Tuvix

Willow has a bone to pick with Captain Janeway and her ethical (or not) decision-making when it comes to the merged persona known as Tuvix. One more test to see if humanity’s best can see beyond their historical prejudices.

Spoiler alert: we can’t.