Imagination Connoisseur, Dean Micetich, shares how he derives creative inspiration from the Tom Selleck movie HER ALIBI and wonders if others in the Post-Geek Singularity find inspiration from a favorite book, TV show or movie that spurs them on to create something original.

Tell us where you find your muse in the comments section.

Hi Rob and the PGS,

The other day I was watching one of my guilty pleasures Tom Sellecks HER ALIBI. For those that have never seen the film, it is not a classic and can be quite cheesy.

But I love it.

The basic premise of the film is that mystery novelist Phil Blackwood (Selleck) has hit writers block and has not published a book in five years. His publisher and friend, Sam (William Daniels) tell Blackwood if he does not write a new book soon, he will be let go. To get inspiration Blackwood heads down to the local court and see a Romanian murder suspect named Nina (Paulina Porizkova) and instantly falls for her.

Blackwood poses as a Roman Catholic priest in order to meet her while Nina is held pending her continued arraignment. Finding her wearing a crucifix necklace (which would be forbidden in her communist homeland), he assumes she’s innocent when she does not confess to the murder.

With the help of Sam, Blackwood invents an alibi (“We’re having an affair.”) for Nina to secure her release.

Nina then takes up residence with Blackwood, serving as the inspiration for a novel. At first Blackwood is not 100% sure if Nina is innocent and he is a little on the edge with fear that he could be her next victim, but before long they are on the run form operatives from Romania’s Securitate.

One of whom committed the murder to stop Nina and her family’s defection to America.

Not a classic, but every time I watch this film. I get inspired and have the urge to get back to writing my own novel. It’s something I have been doing on and off for ten years. I have the book planned out and the prologue and first chapter written, but never seem to be able to get past this.

As some of you know, I am dyslectic so writing is not one of my strong suits and as time has gone by, ideas have changed and I keep going back fixing the two chapters I have written.

But the premise of the story has stayed the same. Maybe I should find myself a ghost writer to help me get it finish?

Anyway Rob, my question to you and the PGS is this:

Is there a film, TV show or even a book, that every time you watch or read, you’re given the urge to go do something creative? What is it that inspires you? And what is the creative thing you do?

HER ALIBI inspires me to write a novel. What about you?

Kind Regards,
Dean M.