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Omar 94, an Imagination Connoisseur and frequent contributor, wonders what happened to the era of movie stars and the days when the appearance of an actor in a film almost guaranteed its success.

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Hi Rob,

This is hard for me to write, since I’m trying to figure this out myself.

We no longer live in the era of “movie stars”, yet studios still believe they exist, even when the actors’ track record for movies, either box office, critical acclaim, or both, have become very hit or miss.

For example, Will Smith is no longer the big star he used to be, but is still considered a big name, even though his track record for movies has become hit or miss. He can have hits like ALADDIN (imdb) and BAD BOYS FOR LIFE (imdb), but he can also have misses like FOCUS (imdb), COLLATERAL BEAUTY (imdb),  and GEMINI MAN (imdb).

Another example would be Jessica Chastain. She’s a very good actress, but she is not exactly a box office draw. Her biggest movies are ones where she is not the star, INTERSTELLAR (imdb) and THE MARTIAN (imdb). However, studios still consider her a big name, and feel she can help sell a movie.

I’m not sure if that makes sense, since I am still trying to figure it out myself.

Thanks, live long and prosper.

– Omar