As a business strategy, it might make sense. But Imagination Connoisseur, Dave Morgan, has a hard time getting excited for “live action” remakes of animated classics.

Hi Rob.

This letter is a combination of 2 movie concepts where I’m pretty sure my opinion is in the minority, but I don’t care.

These are:

1. Nobody asking for SOLO: A Star Wars Story, and
2. The popularity of live action Disney remakes.

Rob, I’m confused.

Everyone keeps showering love and praise for these amazing live action renderings of Disney classics, beginning with Cinderella and continuing on through the current The Lion King (even though it’s really CGI let’s refer to it as live action for the sake of this discussion and for how it’s been marketed). I haven’t seen any of these and I’m confident they are ALL amazing films. But I struggle to muster up excitement when these stories have already been told in earlier classic films, the chief difference being only animation vs live action.

As many times as Batman, Spiderman and even James Bond have been rebooted at least each reimagining of those characters involved DIFFERENT stories. Since Disney now owns Lucasfilm, if they were to announce tomorrow that they have plans to produce an animated version of the classic RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK would anyone be excited? I sure wouldn’t.

Even if Pixar was used to make the film astonishing, who cares?

Something has always bothered me about how I feel about these remakes, I should as a film lover be excited for them. But when I started thinking about what if the reverse was done (live action classics being converted to great animation) that’s when it hit me. Aside from a few changes here and there to make these films unique, they are still telling THE SAME STORIES.

And that brings me to my other concern, how “nobody asked for a Han Solo movie.” Well speak for yourself (insert name of any pundit who said this). I might’ve never asked for it, but when it was announced I was absolutely excited.

Unlike the Disney live action movies, at least SOLO was a brand new original story. I loved it. Each time I see it I think it’s the best of the new movies that began with The Force Awakens.

And I’m sorry, but after Han Solo was killed off in The Force Awakens that was the perfect time for a SOLO movie because the character (and Harrison Ford) were both finished. I’d understand the argument against doing a Han Solo stand alone film with a different actor if Harrison Ford was still ACTIVELY involved with Episodes 8 and 9, but that wasn’t the case.

SOLO is incredibly underrated. It was an exhilarating space romp. In my opinion it’s the “Man of Steel” of the Star Wars movies.

Anyway, have a great day Rob, your show ROBSERVATIONS is terrific, and I love your takes on The Campea Show, as well.

– Dave M.