Imagination Connoisseur, Noel Ryan, writes in with some good observations and pressing questions about the value of post-credit scenes in movies.

Hello Rob.

Hope your keeping well.

I haven’t wrote a letter in a while, just haven’t found the time however after watching spider-man far from home last weekend something has been playing on my mind.

To be clear I really enjoyed spider-man far from home, it was a really enjoyable spider-man film, a nice follow on film dealing with the aftermath of Avengers endgame as well as a satisfying sequel to Spiderman Homecoming.

On a personal note I had a big smile on my face to se Prague as a location in the film as I have only just got back from holiday there a few weeks ago (highly recommend everyone visiting Prague, not only a beautiful city but also quite cheep)

My only gripe with the film was the Post Credit scenes, not what happened in them, I enjoyed them however there placement in the end credits I thought was quite disappointing for such important plot points to the film.

Now without going into spoilers, the first Post Credit scene is a direct continuation of the films plot and leaves the film with a cliff-hanger.
The final Post Credit scene is also a huge twist on a character that not only changes your view on the character in the film but also previous films.

Post Credit scenes are not new, you can go all the way back to the Muppet movie, airplane or Masters of the Universe. I think It was In the X-men films though that the end credit scenes really started to become a regular thing in superhero films. Of course the MCU has been doing this since Iron Man in 2008 and while they are of importance I have never felt like the viewer would have been at a disadvantage if they did not watch them.

Personally I feel that if a film cannot tell its full story by the end credits there’s an argument its poor filmmaking and storytelling. Lets just say that if I was to have walked out of Spiderman Far from Home not having watched the end credits, would I have had the same experience as if I stayed.

As I said at the beginning of my letter, I enjoyed the Post Credit scenes and the First one completely took me by surprise and changed the entire ending of the film for me from a happy ending to a shock ending with repercussions for the next film that if I hadn’t watched I would have walked out with a completely different view of the film.

So the point I a trying to make is are we being forced to watch Post Credit scenes and if we don’t watch them are we missing out on part of the film. I know lots of Post Geek Fans might love Post Credit Scenes as they often contain little Easter eggs however from the amount of people I se in the theatre leaving the moment the credits roll I don’t think Post Credit scenes are as important as the filmmakers believe they are.

Obviously this is just my opinion and maybe I am wrong and just old fashioned in the way I like my films. As always feel free to use this letter as you wish.

Noel Ryan