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The Imagination Connoisseur known as “The Bronze Age Slacker” tells us about the failed attempt to make DUNE in the 1970s by Chilean-French filmmaker, Alejandro Jodorosky.

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Hey, Rob!

So… I just watched “Jodorosky’s Dune”, the 2013 documentary about Chilean-French filmmaker Alejandro Jodorosky’s attempt from 1974-1976 to make a film about Frank Herbert’s masterpiece Dune.

I found it – as Spock would say – fascinating. When Jodorosky maintains that to be an auteur one must be a little mad, I believe him, or at least I believe that HE is probably a little mad!

Jodorosky assembled a Killer’s Row of artists to help him make this movie, including: French artist Jean “Moebius” Giraud, British artist Chris Foss, Dan O’Bannon, and H.R. Giger. Most impressively, Moebius created a telephone-book-sized storyboard book that showed mock-ups of costumes, vehicles, and artwork for every frame in the movie!

He persuaded Salvador Dali, Orson Welles, David Carradine, and Mick Jagger to play principal roles.

When Jodorosky went to Hollywood, he gave copies of Moebius’ gigantic storyboard book to all of the studio execs. These studio “suits” praised the work, but they wanted him to do a movie with less than a two-hour runtime, something Jodorosky refused to do; he claimed that his “Dune” might be a 12-hour movie! It also didn’t help that the studio execs did not “get” Jodorosky. Refusing to make changes, the funding dried up, and the project was abandoned.

It’s been called “the greatest movie that never got made”, and it is speculated that because of the Moebius storyboard book that were given to the Studios – numerous future films would “borrow” ideas from it. These films include: Star Wars, Alien, Flash Gordon, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Terminator.

This brings me to my main point: so-called “failed projects.” I myself have been involved in several long-running computer game projects that for reasons beyond my control were killed.

Rob, have you ever worked on heart-felt projects that for whatever reason never got released?

Thanks again, stay safe, and stay Incendiary!