Imagination Connoisseur, Stephen Goggin, watched STARCRASH the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it. And while that movie may be on RMB’s “guilty pleasures” list, we just want to make sure everyone knows it’s a David Hasselhoff movie – so view at your own risk.

Dear Rob and listeners,

This might be a David Hasseloff review letter and I can blame you!

I watched STARCRASH and I totally enjoyed it. If you take Captain Proton from STAR TREK: VOYAGER, give it a BLAKE’S 7 Upgrade and added a bit of the Galaga arcade game you have got STARCRASH.

What impressed me most was that this movie is fun. I both laughed at it and I laughed with it at the same time. I could see how STARCRASH ripped off everything in a under-handed way and I am wondering are Jar Jar Abrams and Colonel Kurtzman are now ripping off STARCRASH and even failing at that?

I had a film on standard DVD in my library that I had not yet watched. It is on an old Prism DVD collection package with 3 other movies that included SCREAM 3, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, SHIVERS and WTICHCRAFT.

I knew nothing about this film called WTICHCRAFT, so the day after I watched STARCRASH, I found myself watching another David Hasselof film which was very different to STARCRASH and actually scary. I won’t say too much about the plot, but it is well worth a look and the baddies in the film are really nasty pieces of work and the film has a nice nod to SUNSET BOULEVARD.

Back to STARCRASH, Caroline Munroe was very hot and she would have fitted in nicely with Sean Connery in ZARDOZ.

One last thing has David Hasselloff and William Shatner ever sang together?

As always Live long and Prosper,

Yours truly,
– Stephen G.
(The Irishman in Somerset)