Writer-producer-director, Robert Meyer Burnett, and the Imagination Connoisseurs of The Post-Geek Singularity take a deep dive into the dispute over Spider-Man between SONY and Disney on episode #202 of ROBSERVATIONS.

Join in on the fun as RMB also discusses the following topics:

•  What’s behind the dispute between SONY and Disney that led to yesterday’s decision to pull Spider-Man (and all of the related characters from the Spider-verse) from the MCU.

•  What does it mean to “option” the rights to make movies of someone else’s intellectual property (IP)? Rob explains how it’s done and how that relates to the historic relationship between SONY and Marvel.

•  Why does this break-up have such a wide-spread effect on the MCU? Because the deal between SONY and Marvel included about 900 Spider-verse characters in addition to Spider-Man.

•  How does Marvel move on in the MCU without Spider-Man? It’s not so easy, as RMB explains.

•  Will fan reaction to this break-up make a difference? Should fans “storm the gates” of SONY? Rob doesn’t think that would make a difference.

•  Rob reviews a letter from Imagination Connoisseur, Jeffrey Mao, about whether or not you can divide Star Wars fans into two groups: those who were part of the movie-going public during the original trilogy (1977 – 1983) and those who weren’t.

•  What does Kevin Smith’s deal to produce a He-Man show for Netflix mean for that franchise?

•  An Imagination Connoisseur shares his explanation as to what’s wrong with Superman today and how those problems may be a reflection of what’s wrong with society today. You can read his letter here.

All that, plus more letters, SuperChat questions and much more!


About Robert Meyer Burnett

Best known for FREE ENTERPRISE, starring Emmy winners William Shatner and Eric McCormack, Rob Burnett offers his own unique perspective on the entertainment industry in his daily Robservations video blogs.


(Originally aired: August 21, 2019 – 1:53:21)