Imagination Connoisseur, Ian Samuels, is a hard-core sci-fi fan and has seen it all – or at least a lot of it. But one series he’s missed is BLAKES 7.

That changes today.


I have been a SciFi fan pretty much all my life. When I was young I would watch reruns of STAR TREK as well as UFO, SPACE 1999, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and yes, unfortunately, GALACTICA 80. I loved DR. WHO, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, and the classics such as VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA. Even later attempts such as SEQUEST DSV, which suffered, at least in the UK by its marketing which claimed that it was ‘Star Trek underwater’ (which it was not), but was still an enjoyable series. I even enjoyed the PLANET OF THE APES (the TV series) from the 70s.

But particularly as a British SciFi fan, there is a glaring gap in my knowledge and experience. One series considered as a classic of British Science Fiction that I have yet to see even 1 episode of is BLAKES 7. So this is a gap I aim to be filling in 2020.

– Ian