Join your hosts, Robert Meyer Burnett and Elysabeth Gwendolyn Belle, as they take a wine-soaked (and blood-soaked) journey through the Quentin Tarantino epic, KILL BILL (Volume 1 and 2). In three hours and twenty minutes (including a brief bio-break intermission), Rob and Lys completely discuss what worked and what didn’t work for them in this amazing homage to the martial arts action genre of the 60s and 70s.

A former assassin, known simply as The Bride (Uma Thurman), wakes from a coma four years after her jealous ex-lover Bill (David Carradine) attempts to murder her on her wedding day. Fueled by an insatiable desire for revenge, she vows to get even with every person who contributed to the loss of her unborn child, her entire wedding party, and four years of her life. After devising a hit list, The Bride sets off on her quest, enduring unspeakable injury and unscrupulous enemies.


Another item to note about this episode of WINE-ning ABOUT MOVIES … this is Rob and Elysabeth’s 100th show. So, offer up a toast to our favorite movie couple and their alcohol-fueled movie review show, and let’s go for show #200!