Imagination Connoisseur, Richard H, provides a quick re-cap of his favorite bits from the BTS documentary, REQUIEM FOR KRYPTON, from the SUPERMAN RETURNS DVD.

Hey Rob,

Currently experiencing your REQUIEM FOR KRYPTON doc!

Writing because I somewhat recently commented that I didn’t realize I had the special edition DVD, and had not watched your doc, then proceeded to pop it in only to find the second disc wouldn’t play. Well you commented, report back, and so I felt like I needed to do so (also have been wanting to check it out since I found out you did it).

So, finally picked up a copy at the library, reporting back sir!

Really enjoying it! I’m assuming those are your voice cameos behind the camera?

The meteor scene looked like it smelled wonderful, how was it to see it in person?

Never disliked the movie, but definitely now have more appreciation for it. And didn’t realize how many actual, physical sets were used. Loved seeing Kevin Spacey get a head start on a little modern thing called texting and that, “what’s it like to work together?” bit got funnier every time.

The recreation of Jor-El’s face is also pretty incredible, still looks great today.


– Richard H

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