Imagination Connoisseur, Greg Smith, shows off his latest creation – a real steel reproduction of a Beskar ingot from THE MANDALORIAN on Disney+

About Greg:

Gregory Smith is a design/build professional who creates costumes, costume accessories, full-scale props and other Star Wars creations to express his fandom and creativity. As a member of Garrison Titan of the 501st Legion and Alpha Base of Rebel Legion, Gregory uses these creations help these charity organizations support Children’s Hospital and other good causes through costumed appearances and convention displays in the Puget Sound area and across Washington.

Greg’s Story:

Real steel reproduction of a Beskar ingot for The Mandalorian show.

I machined a section of raw steel bar stock on my belt sander, cog was carved using a Dremel hand tool, and the finished was achieved using acid concrete stain. It weighs 2.3 lbs.

This is the way.

– Greg S.