Some people, like Flag Smasher Karli Morgenthau, the shield must be destroyed. We’re looking for other suggestions (in seven words or less) for “re-purposing” it.

We’re big on recycling here at The Burnettwork, so rather than toss Cap’s shield into a landfill somewhere, we’re looking for inappropriate suggestions for “re-purposing” it. Wrong answers only.

And try to keep them to seven words or less … unless you’ve got a really splendid idea. LOL!

And … assemble!

In Seven Words or Less …

Give us an alternative use for Captain America’s shield.

Made of Vibranium, Cap’s shield is super strong, aerodynamic and gives of a cool, humming sound when it gets hit. So what would you do with it if it ended up in your possession – even if just for a day? Give us your best, seven-word answer in the comments section, below.

How to Play

Post your answer in the comments section below. It must be seven words or less in length in order to qualify as an entry in our weekly drawing for a $20 Amazon Gift Card. You can also post your comments on our Facebook page and in our YouTube Community. And here’s the best part: you can enter as many times as you’d like.

Have fun!