J.R.R. Tolkien might expect folks to believe Frodo and Gandalf sailed away to live out their lives in peace following the battle of Gondor – but we want you to tell us, in seven words or less, what really happened.

We knew that after saving Middle Earth, restoring the Shire and making friends with all those elves, Frodo was bound to see a little less action after his retirement as “hero.” But what did he end up doing after THE LORD OF THE RINGS?
In Seven Words or Less …

Where did Frodo go?

You don’t save the world and then slip away to some misty island hideaway only to be waited on hand-and-hairy-foot by a bunch of elves. No way. We want you, our fellow Imagination Connoisseur, to put a little effort forward and tell us what Frodo’s post-LOTR life is like.

Just keep it to seven words or less (ideally).

Leave us your thought in the comments section, below.

How to Play

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Have fun!