What could The Skipper have told Gilligan to convince him to take a test flight with The Professor’s jetpack? What’s really going on here? We want to know, so that’s why we’ve asked the Imagination Connoisseurs of the Post-Geek Singularity to tell us.

That darn Gilligan, look what he’s about to do now.

The ridiculous adventures of the Castaways amused generations of fans for years – but among the more baffling episodes are those in which The Professor (played by Russell Johnson) manages to create or salvage advanced technology using only the resources available on a desert island and a cruise ship designed for a three-hour sight-seeing tour.

Of course, you can’t have madcapped adventures without a gullible participant like Gilligan and a willing accomplice like The Skipper … which leads us to today’s “7 Words or Less” Challenge …

In Seven Words or Less …

Tell us what The Skipper had to say to Gilligan to convince him testing The Professor’s jetpack was a good idea.

After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Leave us your thought in the comments section, below.

How to Play

Post your answer in the comments section below. It must be seven words or less in length in order to qualify as an entry in our weekly drawing for a $20 Amazon Gift Card. You can also post your comments on our Facebook page and in our YouTube Community. And here’s the best part: you can enter as many times as you’d like.

Have fun!