Jonny Quest was based on the serialized radio program, Jack Armstrong, All-American Boy – but this time Jonny, along with his friend Hadji, father Dr. Benton Quest, and faithful bodyguard – Race Bannon – took action and adventure to a whole new level!

Jonny Quest’s adventures evoked that 1960’s era when science and technology were at the gateway of the future (outer space travel, moon landings, robotics…)! Episodes had thrilling names like: “Attack of the Tree People”, “The Devil’s Tower” and “The Quetong Missle Mystery.”

To the children of 1964-65, the series offered a visionary glimpse into the future. Today it is a nostalgic visit to the much more innocent past. 

Here’s a quick summary of the show (from IMDb):

The Quest family and their bodyguard investigate strange phenomena and battle villains around the world.


Name the next Jonny Quest adventure …

So, if you had to come up with a title for Jonny’s next adventure – tell us what it would be (in seven words or less)! We’ll assume that every adventure will start with “Jonny Quest in …” – all you have to do is complete the name of the episode!

Have fun!

How to Play

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