The life-changing (and time-changing) adventures of Marty McFly in BACK TO THE FUTURE is often described as “a perfect movie.” Leave us your 3 word review.

Back to the Future (1985)

Robert Zemeckis’s film (co-written with Bob Gale) is considered a “perfect movie” by many film critics for its sharp dialog, elaborately-constructed plot, high-energy second half and outstanding performances by Michael J. Fox (as Marty) and Christopher Lloyd (as Doc Brown), along with Lea Thompson and Crispin Glover.

Here’s a quick summary:

Marty McFly, a 17-year-old high school student, is accidentally sent thirty years into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by his close friend, the eccentric scientist Doc Brown.


Go back in time and come up with your best 3-word review for BACK TO THE FUTURE and leave it in the comments section, below.

Great Scott, this is going to be fun!

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