Do you remember Mike Connors and Gail FIsher in MANNIX? It was one of the most physically demanding and violent private eye shows of the 60s. Leave your 3 word review and tell us what you remember. 

Mannix (1967-75)

Originally envisioned as a unique tale of an old-fashioned, private eye rebelling against his high-tech employer, MANNIX (produced by Desilu Productions/Paramount Studios) was eventually turned into one of the most physically-demanding and violent detective shows on primetime TV at the time. (And it still holds up today.)

Here’s a quick summary:

This show follows the adventures of Los Angeles private investigator Joe Mannix, who – with the help of his secretary, Peggy Fair – fights crime and captures bad guys. Each episode is packed with action including plenty of fistfights, car chases, and shoot-outs.

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