The first few minutes make a difference.

The course, INTRODUCTION TO TACTICAL CASUALTY CARE, largely deals with the Care Under Fire – Direct Threat phase of an event, where any medical care is provided while the responder and casualty are in an ongoing situation that is a direct threat to life (active shooter or active violent incident, building collapse, fire, secondary explosives, etc). This phase requires efficient hemorrhage control, largely with tourniquets, and patient movement.

While most injuries are not immediately life-threatening, there are some injuries where death before the arrival of EMS is almost assured if not managed rapidly and correctly. EMS is usually delayed in these types of events due to security concerns. Instead, responding law enforcement and private citizens, either involved in the events themselves or nearby, provide most life-saving care in this phase.

This course is consistent with, the Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines for all combatants, as well as the guidelines for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for First Care Providers and Responders with a Duty to Act. The course also exceeds the Stop the Bleed curriculum.