The paradox of choice, subscription fatigue and content malaise.

Gilbert the Gilbarian (from the Planet Gilbaar) and RMB host this edition of Robservations, where they take a closer look at the paralyzingly large array of content available to the genre entertainment connoisseur like those found in the PGS* community. Rob also discusses a number of other issues facing movie goers and streamers today, including …

  • Can kids learn about history by creating their own take (by creating a comic book or building a model)?
  • The importance of passion when it comes to fueling one’s creative fire
  • Is there too much content out there? Is well-made content given the time it deserves to be appreciated by the viewer any more?
  • How does a creator realize his/her own destiny?
  • Did Disney buy tickets to inflate CAPTAIN MARVEL’S opening weekend box office take? (in a word: NO)
  • What are RMB’s expectations for LUCY IN THE SKY with Natalie Portman (not such a good trailer, but still possibly a good movie)
  • The 22 movies of the MCU (Phases I through III) will be called The Infinity Saga
  • Why will Disney+ blow away Netflix?
  • Why isn’t CANNONBALL RUN on blu-ray yet (maybe as a two-movie set with CBII?

… plus super-chat questions from viewers, movie tips, and more.

*Post-Geek Singularity


About Robert Meyer Burnett

Best known for FREE ENTERPRISE, starring Emmy winners William Shatner and Eric McCormack, Rob Burnett offers his own unique perspective on the entertainment industry in his daily “Robservations” video blogs.


(Originally aired: March 19, 2019 – 1:21:58)